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LG Electronics boosts smartphone V30 to increase sales

LG Electronics boosts smartphone V30 to increase sales. SEOUL, 28 Jan – LG Electronics Co., the second largest company in electronics in South Korea by sales, added new color to the lineup V30 on Sunday, to boost sales of the phones.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day next month, LG Electronics launched its phone V30 in the “crimson rose” and will choose 30 customers to present yet another phone V30 on top of that they bought, said in a statement.

Those who want to take part in the event must purchase a phone V30 in pink and post a message on the Facebook page on 6 February, the report said.
LG Electronics has launched a six-inch smartphone in September, in parallel to its flagship smartphone series G.

At the Mobile World Congress, scheduled for 26 February, it is expected that the company will present updated smartphone V30 with advanced artificial intelligence.

LG Electronics received a net profit in 182,82 billion yen (171.4 million USD) in the fourth quarter of 2017,with respect to the losses in the amount of 258,74 billion won a year earlier, according to regulatory documents.

He also turned an operating profit in the amount of 366,86 billion Won in October-December operating loss 35,24 billion Won. According to him, sales rose 15 percent to 16,964 trillion won with 14,778 trillion won.

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