The largest G-Star game Fair in South Korea will open in Busan
19.11.2018 в 03:57

The largest G-Star game Fair in South Korea will open in Busan. SEOUL, November 19-this week in Busan will open the largest in South Korea computer games exhibition with a wide range of new computer and mobile games with virtual reality technology, reported sources on Tuesday. Hundreds of developers and distributors of games from many countries will take part in the Global gaming exhibition G-Star, which begins in the south-eastern port city on Thursday and last four days. Participants include South Korean gamemakers Nexon and netmarble games, as well as foreign companies such as the American video game developer Epic Games, Google Korea, and the American Twitch video streaming platform. South Korean online gaming giant Nexon Korea Co. Plans to showcase 14 new games during the gaming exhibition to be held at the Busan Exhibition and Conference Centre (BEXCO). Nexon will release 11 new mobile games and three new computer games, including the mobile version of the first mega-hit computer game company "The Kingdom of the Winds." ("The Kingdom of the Winds"). Nexon also removes the veil from mobile versions of computer games, "Crazy Arcade" and "Talesweaver", demonstrating an ocean adventure game called "Dave." Netmarble games, developer and publisher of № 1 mobile games in South Korea, will present four new mobile games. South Korean game developer Bluehole plans to release a joint game brand Krafton and about five new games that are currently in development. South Korean online game controller NCSoft Corp. Will not attend the upcoming exhibition, but he presented five new multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG) for the mobile platform. Among the long-awaited line 2M, the sequel to the mega-hit mobile game "Lineage M", the launch of which is scheduled for the first half of the 2019 year. The annual fair will also attract a number of foreign companies. Epic Games became the main sponsor of the show, the first foreign company to make it. At a press conference earlier this month, Pak Sung Chol, CEO of Epic Games Korea, said that sponsorship is the first step of the company to make its favorite game in the world "Fortnite" more famous South Korean gamers. X. D. Global Limited, the Chinese game developer, known among South Korean gamers by its name "Girls ' Frontline", plans to take part in the show by creating a separate stand. The Game Expo will also attract a number of cloud computing providers and blockchain companies to present their technology in an effort to attract potential customers. In addition, Epic Games and a number of other companies will hold a Cybersport event that debuted last year.