Samsung CEO looks for breakthrough with Galaxy 10, Galaxy F folding Phone -

Samsung CEO looks for breakthrough with Galaxy 10, Galaxy F folding Phone

Koh Dong-jin, CEO of Samsung Electronics smartphones, makes every effort to achieve a breakthrough in the company with the introduction of Galaxy 10 and the first commercial folding smartphone in the world. Koch recently said in a corporate message to the executives and employees of the information technology and Mobile communications Department of Samsung that he "regrets the current state of the Samsung smartphones business and will make every effort to overcome the crisis with Upcoming Galaxy 10 and folding phones. " The message appeared among the rumors about his vacancy, as the technical giant approaches the personnel reshuffle at the end of the year and organizational restructuring. It is reported that Koh was criticized for weakening the competitiveness of Samsung phones vice chairman Lee Jae-en, who ordered the improvement of camera technology for smartphones after a personal visit to a store in Europe. "The post Koh seems to be talking about how critical the mobile business of Samsung is at the moment. The atmosphere inside the company is now serious, as we hear external criticism of the products, "-said insider. Samsung recorded 2.2 trillion won ($1.95 billion) operating profit for mobile business in the third quarter, which is lower by more than 30 percent compared to the previous quarter.

Another employee said, "The most serious problem in Samsung's mobile unit is the top-down decision-making system, which prevents the company from finding innovative ideas and solutions that would satisfy the market."

However, the senior official of Samsung warned from the excessive analysis and said that the comments of the Vice-Chairman should not be torn out of context.

"The recent comments of Vice-chairman Lee were not about any defects of our technology, but about the various functions of the camera, such as the wide-angle function compared to the products of competitors."

He added: "The CEO of Koh said he would listen to consumers and more actively reflect them in product development to better meet their needs."

Samsung has promised to overcome the current situation that it faces in the country and abroad, mainly due to the saturated smartphone market, with the release of its flagship smartphone Galaxy 10 and the world's first folding smartphone early next year. While the Galaxy 10 or X is rumored to be the world's first phone with a fingerprint screen in the world, the Samsung folding phone is rumored to be the Galaxy F is expected to have built-in technology based on the articulated device with three Organic LED screens. It is expected that both new phones will also be equipped with a Samsung neural processor, which is considered to be the most capable of artificial intelligence. It is expected that the Galaxy 10 and folding phones will be presented in February and released on the market in March.

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