Galaxy S9 and S9+finally equipped with a stereo -

Galaxy S9 and S9+finally equipped with a stereo

Galaxy S9 and S9+finally equipped with a stereo. Samsung Galaxy S9 is currently being tested by Korean mobile networks and accessories prior to release. This led to some leaks on upcoming features. These include 3D emulation, a new sound system and a return button Bixby.
Despite the official announcement that the Galaxy S9 is still at a distance of more than ten days, we already know that we can say about the phone. This includes the probability that it will have a dual rear camera with variable aperture, the fact that it will be similar to the Galaxy S8 and that it can be unlocking feature, which combines scanner, iris and facial recognition technology.

However, since the phone currently being tested by mobile networks and companies in preparation for its release, the Korean website ETNews has revealed some additional functions that are likely to be in the Galaxy S9.
The leak claims that the Galaxy S9 will have the ability to create 3D smileys with the use of the front camera. Function Animoji for iPhone X was one of the most discussed features of the phone, it is not surprising that it turned to the upcoming Samsung flagship.

If you don’t know what it is, it is basically a function that creates a 3D emulation using the facial expressions of the user. The name of the version function Samsung is currently unknown.

But the top news was leaked detail that the Galaxy S9 will finally be equipped with two speakers, one on top and one at the bottom of the phone. Speaker placement was one of the major mistakes in S8 and Galaxy Note 8, users find that it is too easy to close the speaker when playing games or watching videos.
This new layout of the speakers should somehow solve the problem.

This is similar to the recent history of SamMobile, citing “unconfirmed claims”, the website said that the Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus will be equipped with stereo speakers with Dolby Surround and is configured for AKG, audiobrend owned by Samsung.
We’ve seen a pretty convincing leak of how it will look Galaxy S9. The report ETNews says that the people who have tested the phones to report that, although the overall design is basically the same as the S8, S9 corners a bit more rounded, and the phone was a bit thinner overall.
Another feature of the design, although many people may not be fully satisfied, is that the button Bixby remains in the left part of the screen.

The source also revealed that the phone came with a transparent plastic casing, similar to that which was on the Note 8. Of course, no assumptions about whether it be completed on all devices or only in a test.

Samsung Electronics is also in talks with Korean mobile networks at a price release Galaxy S9.
S9 will not exceed one million won ($ 920) in Korea, although it is expected that the S9 Plus will dance around this price. This would mean that S9 will be cheaper than the Galaxy Note 8 after its release.

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