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Samsung, LG is likely to release its new smartphones in early March. SEOUL, 21 Feb – Samsung Electronics Co. and its rival LG Electronics Inc., likely to release its new smartphone in early March, creating conditions for increased competition between the two companies.
It is expected that mobile operators will receive pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S9 starting from February 28,
with the official release in South Korea on March 9.

Samsung plans to unveil Galaxy S9 at 6 PM. On 25 February in Barcelona on the eve of Mobile World Congress, the world’s largest Congress for the mobile communications industry.

People in the industry have estimated that the factory price of 64 GB version of the smartphone Galaxy S9 may be 957 000 won (890 USD).

Samsung said that it has improved camera features for the new phone and challenged people to “imagine a camera that can see more than your eyes”.

“Taking a new perspective and learning new boundaries, we have created a smartphone filled with many rich features
General turning the device into something that allows you to do something you can’t even imagine,” said Samsung on its web site.

Phone Arena, web site for new information on the phone, said last month that the main camera of the Samsung Galaxy S9 will allow users to change the lens aperture, referring to a leaked image of what may be in retail box Galaxy S9.
“Thanks to the aperture Samsung Galaxy S9 will be able to switch between f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 depending on the scene, which should provide better pictures in low light and sharper photos in well-lit environments, theoretically, at least – suggested site.

Lower f/1.5 allows the camera to gather more light, which leads to improved clarity in the dark. This function can also create image with background blur, which is very popular with photographers, and even allows the camera to capture fast-moving objects and people.

Meanwhile, LG Electronics is considering the release of its updated mobile V30 in South Korea somewhere February 8 or February 9.

Price were not disclosed, although insiders believe that the price may be about 900 000 won.
LG Electronics has announced that it will demonstrate updated V30 with the added feature of camera artificial intelligence at the upcoming Mobile World Congress.

LG V30, first released in September 2017, is the latest premium smartphone and has a first-class camera and audio capabilities.
New V30 can identify foods when the camera is pointed at them, and offers online links to purchase or similar proposal, said guide consumer electronics.

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