Urban tank from Uralvagonzavod

Urban tank from Uralvagonzavod. The Syrian conflict once again demonstrated that the troops needed special modifications of armored vehicles for fighting in populated areas. Such a machine has existed in Russia for several years already – it was created in Nizhny Tagil, the Bulletin of Mordovia writes.

“The main external difference between the upgraded T-72 tank and the urban protection kit is the presence of a powerful bulldozer dump, which has the designation TBS-86. With the help of this device, “seventy-two” is capable of destroying barricades and various blockages, “Lev Romanov said.

Also striking is the armored cabin installed on the tower. It will save the life of the commander of the car during the application of a large-caliber machine gun.

“Experts, however, have not yet come to a single conclusion what is better: such a cabin or remotely-controlled installations. The fact is that this kit can be installed on existing tanks without significant rework, while remote controls will require more serious upgrade costs, “the author explains.

It is necessary to mention the new modular dynamic protection installed in the front part of the tower and the hull, as well as on the sides of the “urban” tank. The rear part is covered with special grating screens. There is also equipment that dampens the operation of radio-controlled landmines.
The tank is equipped with an engine capacity of 1000 hp,
The maximum speed of a combat vehicle is 60 km / h, weight – 50 tons.

“Military experts spoke highly of the” city “tank from UVZ, rightfully considering this development one of the best in the world. It was expected that it, like the BMPT, will be tested in Syria, but so far this combat vehicle we see only at landfills and weapons exhibitions, “the author concludes.