Tu-22M3 bomber crashed during landing in the Murmansk region
22.01.2019 в 03:07

Tu-22M3 bomber crashed during landing in the Murmansk region. According to TASS source, of the four crew members, according to preliminary data, survived the commander and Navigator.
MOSCOW, January 22. /TASS./ Tu-22M3 bomber crashed when landing at a military airport in the Murmansk region. This was reported on Tuesday TASS source in law enforcement agencies.

“The Tu-22M3 bomber crashed when landing at the airfield of the regiment of long-range aviation in Olenegorsk (Murmansk region). The accident happened around 13: 40 MSK”, – said the Agency interlocutor.

According to him, the commander and Navigator survived from the crew of the crashed bomber, according to preliminary data.

“According to preliminary information, the commander and Navigator remained alive,” the source said. The crew of this aircraft consists of four people – the commander, assistant commander, Navigator and operator, recalled the representative of the power structures.

Olenya air base is located on the Kola Peninsula, 92 km South of Murmansk, near the city of Olenegorsk. At the air base deployed Tu-22M3. The length of the runway-3500 m, concrete coating.

Tu-22M3 with a crew of four is designed to hit targets on enemy territory in strategic depth. The maximum speed of the bomber reaches 2300 km/ h, range-7 thousand km.