The possible use of KAB-1500 against an object of fighters in Idlib hit the video
25.11.2019 в 12:05

The possible use of KAB-1500 against an object of fighters in Idlib hit the video

A video appeared on the network with the destruction of a militant stronghold in Idlib province. It is alleged that this is the result of the actions of Russian military aviation. At the same time, no data are published on when exactly the bombing of the terrorist object was carried out.

It is reported that the militant facility was located on the outskirts of the village of Maaret-Nasan. The affiliation of one of the terrorist groups affiliated with Jebhat al-Nusra (banned in Russia) was confirmed during the reconnaissance of the territory.

The frames show how the used ammunition leads to a powerful explosion. As a result of the airstrike, the infrastructure of the militants was completely destroyed. It is clearly seen how the shock wave propagates in the horizontal direction, leading to the liquidation of the facility used by terrorists in Idlib province. An assumption has been made about the possible use of the KAB-1500 – an adjustable bomb capable of piercing up to 3 m of reinforced concrete. Such ammunition, according to some sources, was used by the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2015 and 2017 against militant objects. The power of the explosion in frames can confirm this kind of assumption.

Recall that the province of Idlib at the moment remains one of the “hot spots” on the map of Syria. Several thousand militants are concentrated in it, who at one time moved to the province from other Syrian regions, including from the south of the SAR, during the successful offensive of the Syrian government forces. Terrorists in Idlib have repeatedly tried to attack (including with the help of UAVs) the Russian airborne base Hmeimim, located in Latakia.

Possible application of KAB-1500 on video:


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