The newest ship with “Calibers” had to be returned home in tow
08.11.2018 в 10:31

The newest ship with “Calibers” had to be returned home in tow. The newest Russian small rocket ship “Vyshny Volochek”, which returns from the Mediterranean sea, passed through the black sea Straits in tow, media reported.

In the pictures, which appeared in the Network, it is clear that the ship is in tow at the “Professor Nicholas Moore” through the Bosphorus. It is supposed that it was working off of pass on a tow of narrow Straits, transfers “Interfax”.

The source of the Agency says that the ship is serviceable, and the passage in tow explained “saving motor resource.” Note that the ship was delivered to the black sea fleet only in early June, which means that the resource of its propulsion systems should be very large.

Thus, there is a suspicion that the real reason is different. In particular, in February it was reported that the delivery of a small rocket ship “Vyshny Volochek” fleet delayed due to problems with high-speed marine diesel CHD622V20 Chinese production.

Originally planned to be installed in series vehicles “Buyan-M” German MTU engines 16V4000M90, but supplies were halted because of the sanctions. In this regard, the German diesels were installed on five ships. The remaining ships received Chinese diesel engines, which, according to sources, were created for civil ships, and are not designed for the load of warships.

Earlier, the fact that Russian ships go on a long voyage accompanied by tugs, drew the attention of the Western media, which regarded it as “the biggest problem of the Russian fleet.”

The black sea fleet was replenished with the ship “Vyshny Volochek” on June 1. This is the sixth ship of the upgraded Buyan-M series. It has increased displacement, the ship was equipped with the latest high-precision long-range missile weapons, including the Kalibr-NK missile system.