The black plague: the secret fighter jet for the Russian army
29.01.2019 в 12:40

The black plague: the secret fighter jet for the Russian army. Information about the project of the latest secret fighter, which is created for the Russian army, is extremely limited. In the West, the unique development has been dubbed The “black plague”, which makes it possible to assume about the information in the hands of Western experts. We have the same plane is listed under the inconspicuous index of the project ATN-51.

One of the key areas of application of the fighter is called work in the airspace of the Arctic. The Arctic has long been a strategic region, which drew the attention of all the world’s superpowers, and taking into account the Arctic distances and climatic conditions, the requirements for technology are growing.

There is little information about The black plague: the key systems are classified, only the estimated flight range is known. The aircraft will receive extremely capacious fuel tanks for 32 tons of fuel-which indicates an approximate range of 15 000 kilometers or 7000 kilometers of the combat zone.