The appearance of a secret fifth-generation Soviet fighter is shown.
23.12.2019 в 09:29

The Sukhoi experimental design bureau has published unique photographs of the previously classified S-22 fighter, which corresponds to the characteristics of fifth-generation aircraft. It was developed in the 1980s.
The photo appeared in the album “80 years of Sukhoi Design Bureau”. It depicts a full-size prototype of the S-22 fighter, which was designated as the Su-47 as part of the Soviet program.

Work on its creation began in 1983. The design of the fighter included the use of a reverse sweep wing. Thanks to this, the angle of attack and controllability during maneuvering would increase for the aircraft. In addition, lift would increase.

C-22 was supposed to become less noticeable to radars due to a decrease in the scattering area. The photo also shows that the prototype of the aircraft had flat nozzles.

It is interesting that this type of nozzle is still considered the most optimal. For example, they want to use it in the Russian hunter drone “Okhotnik”.

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