Samsung Display is the culprit of the defect displays an iPhone X?
13.11.2017 в 01:17

Samsung Display is the culprit of the defect displays an iPhone X? With the emergence of reports about anomalous green lines appearing on the edges of the display for the latest iPhone
– advanced phone from Apple, uses organic light emitting displays – industry observers are asking whether the problem is the quality of active matrix organic light emitting diode, supplied by Samsung Display, or the failure of Apple to take and produce phones with a wide screen.

According to industry integrated components for smartphones, the main reason for the delayed launch of the iPhone X was “bad-than-expected” quality of the Super AMOLED panels Samsung.

“Samsung had to pay for it, – said a source in the entertainment industry The Korea Herald. “Apple was very picky about the quality OLED, while Samsung had no choice but to satisfy its customers”.

Apple has not responded to fixing the problem, but the tech giant, the United States offers to exchange the defective phone for a new one, according to foreign news.

A similar problem was discovered last year, when Samsung Electronics released the Galaxy S7 that are also used screens Samsung AMOLED Display. While some phones like the Galaxy showed on their screens pink lines.
Another source said that the profitability of smartphones X iPhone was “significantly low” because of the huge difficulties and costs to manufacturer OLED panels.

“Apple would have faced an unexpected error in the Assembly of these parts for iPhone X,” said the source. “Usually they do some fine-tuning to the original panels, so it is difficult to clarify, which produces defective items “.

It is reported that Apple has demanded suppliers of spare parts for iPhone X strict confidentiality.

Samsung Display remained cautious in this matter, saying: “We cannot comment on the issue with the manufacturer”.

The determination as to whether the problem of the green line caused due to hardware or software to be investigated by the phone manufacturer.

Korean supplier of displays for the first time given signature panel Super AMOLED for the most expensive smartphone in the world.

According to market researcher IHS, Markit, AMOLED panel from Samsung are estimated at $ 110. The US unit, which accounts for almost a third of the total value of parts that is 370,25 dollars. USA.

Domestic rival LG Display also developed his own version of AMOLED with a Plastic name OLED. AMOLED is a type of OLED display, widely used in a SmartWatch, mobile devices and laptops. It provides higher refresh rates than other OLED displays.

Despite the contract with Apple, the share of sales of Samsung Display at the business unit OLED has decreased to approximately 60 percent of total sales. It is 8.88 trillion won (7,39 billion) in the third quarter of this year. It was also less than half the sales of OLED in 2015.

Of 970 billion Won in the third quarter operating profit, OLED business received about 600 billion Won.

“If not for the issue of a fine with Apple, and if the volume of supply has not been reduced, the revenues from OLED business would be better,” said an industry source.

According to the financial industry, Samsung is expected to provide about 60 million OLED panels this year. Including the first 15 million units in the third quarter. The initial target volume amounted to $ 90 million.

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