Published the first images of the Russian helicopter of the future
28.10.2018 в 08:03

Published the first images of the Russian helicopter of the future. The network has the first images developed in Russia helicopter that can reach speeds of up to 700 kilometers per hour. Attention to the information about the creation of a new machine, published on the portal Airbase, drew “RG: Russian weapons.”

As the publication notes, the latest development of the design Bureau “Kamov”is made with a proprietary coaxial arrangement of the rotor. In addition, the helicopter will have wings, and its chassis will be removed in flight. It is known that his crew will be placed in the same way as in the Ka-52 model.

According to “RG: Russian weapons”, in addition to the combat version of the helicopter, was presented and the option to transport passengers.

In may last year, it became known that Russia launched the development of two promising high-speed helicopters. It was noted that one of the machines will be made according to the traditional scheme (with one rotor), and the other — on the coaxial (with two). It was planned that the helicopters will be able to reach speeds of up to 450 and 500 kilometers per hour, respectively.