Published footage of the test “Poseidon”
20.02.2019 в 05:28

Published footage of the test “Poseidon”. The main military Department of the Russian Federation published footage of tests of the underwater drone “Poseidon”.

According to President Vladimir Putin, the first submarine with Poseidon will be launched next spring.

The Ministry of defence also noted the successful testing of the Dagger hypersonic missile system in difficult climatic conditions.

In the message of the main defense Ministry said that during the tests of the “Dagger” as targets were identified objects, the size of which is comparable to the size of the car. At the same time claimed that the launches were conducted from a distance of about 1 thousand km And all targets hypersonic missile complex has been successfully struck.

Recall that since December 2017, “Daggers” are on trial combat duty in the southern military district of Russia. Hypersonic missile system, an aircraft platform for which is a long-range interceptor MiG-31, can hit targets that are beyond the reach of enemy aircraft radars. In modern combat, this can be a decisive advantage.

Today, in his address to the Federal Assembly, the Russian President recalled the defence breakthrough that was made in our country thanks to the talent and work of scientists, including, as Vladimir Putin put it, and very young people. Vladimir Putin mentioned the creation of the Avangard hypersonic strategic missile system, comparing its development with the launch of the First artificial earth satellite.

The Western media appreciated this comparison, noting the importance the Russian President attaches to improving security. Some saw in Putin’s words “threat and readiness for new aggression”.via