One of the colliding su-34 villages with a failed engine
18.01.2019 в 10:59

One of the colliding su-34 villages with a failed engine. According to the source, after the collision of two su-34 bombers in the far East, one plane fell into the sea, and the second landed with a failed engine, at the same time the defense Ministry reports about the ejection of the crews of both aircraft.
“One su-34 after the collision fell, and the second was able to sit down with a failed engine, “- said the source of”Interfax”.

Source TASS also said that”one of the colliding aircraft on one engine sat on the base in Khurba.”

At the same time, a source in the emergency services reported that rescuers from the air saw emergency lights in the Tatar Strait, presumably the su-34 rescue raft. Before that, two orange parachute domes were observed in the same square.

According to the source of RIA “Novosti” in the aviation industry, fighter pilots, including su-34 crews, in special equipment and on an inflatable raft can be on the water after ejection up to 8-12 hours waiting for rescuers.

“If they were prepared to fly over the water area, put on a special multi – layer marine suit, when ejecting inflated boat, if everything was properly equipped, in the open water catapulted pilot can be 8-12 hours”, – explained the source.

On Friday morning, two su-34 fighter-bomber collided in the air during flights over the Tatar Strait in the Khabarovsk territory. The defense Ministry reported that the crews of the aircraft ejected.via