Hits without a miss: T-90 in Iraq tested missiles complex ” Reflex”
08.11.2018 в 10:43

Hits without a miss: T-90 in Iraq tested missiles complex ” Reflex”. Iraqi tankers continue to develop the latest Russian T-90S. Judging by the photos that appeared on the Network, gunners-operators get acquainted with the fire capabilities of their combat vehicles, including practicing the use of guided weapons

Ammunition in the “nineties” includes missile complex 9К119М “Refleks-M” (AT-11 Sniper by NATO classification) affecting different targets at distances up to 5,000 m Ammunition have tandem warhead capable of destroying armored vehicles equipped with reactive armor. Effective implementation of tasks the night is facilitated by the availability of modern televizionnogo sight.

According to some reports, Iraqi military commanders of Saddam Hussein’s army dreamed of acquiring rocket and cannon tanks. And not for nothing: American experts, analyzing the results of the battle of Kuwait in 1991, noted that if opposing divisions were equipped with tanks capable of using guided missiles, perhaps the outcome of some battles would be different.

At present, Iraqi tanks have received a “long arm”, which makes it possible to fight most effectively in desert conditions.via