“Calibre” is out in open beta!
01.11.2019 в 09:56

“Calibre” is out in open beta!

“Calibre” is out in open beta! To go into battle, just download the game client on

What is “Caliber”?
This is a tactical action game about modern special forces with a third-person view. The development is engaged in 1C Game Studios with the publishing support of Wargaming.

In the ranks — operatives
Take on the role of one of the commandos from around the world: Russia, Germany, USA, Poland and many others. And most importantly-no cranberries! The equipment of fighters exactly repeats real prototypes, models of the weapon are worked out to the smallest details. Each operative is unique, with its own weapons and special abilities, which enhances its characteristics and helps allies win.

“Calibre” is out in open beta!

Strength in unity
In team four: fighter support, a medic, sniper and stormtrooper. Everyone has their own tasks and gameplay. Choose one that is closer in spirit to suppress the fire, to heal, to remove the threat of the target, or to fight on the front lines.

“Calibre” is out in open beta!
PvE and PvP modes
In “Caliber” there are two game modes: missions against terrorist bots or fight with a squad of other players. You can test your strength on tasks of increased complexity within the “special Operation”. Completing daily or weekly quests, you will quickly earn experience and credits for pumping their operatives.

“Calibre” is out in open beta!
Honest free-to-play
Your main resource in the “Calibre” of time. Participate in battles more often and earn credits. They are issued for both winning and unsuccessful missions, but in different numbers. For credits, you can pump your operatives and buy new ones in the in-game store. However, not all products are immediately available for this currency.

If you want to quickly update the collection and get new items or do not have time to often be in battles, you can shop for coins that are sold in the Premium store.

Introductory for “Caliber” is received — go to practice:

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