Caliber News: New Battle Reserves
07.12.2019 в 09:31

Caliber News: New Battle Reserves

In update 0.3.0, in addition to the already existing combat reserves, Adrenaline, Stimulator, and Medpack in Caliber will appear two more: Armored Plates and Ammunition.

▪ Armor plates will restore 40 armor points when used in battle.
▪ “Ammunition” will make up 1 store of primary weapons (but not more than 50 rounds) and 1 store of additional weapons when used in battle.

“Armor plates” and “Ammunition” open up new opportunities for improving precisely those characteristics that you consider the most priority for your operative. For example, an operative with a large supply of armor, who has a reliable doctor in the team, can maintain maximum health during the battle, which is important in a special operation. And an operative with a reserve stock of ammunition will not waste time replenishing ammunition and will be able to continuously support allies and eliminate opponents.

▫ You can choose one of the five available “consumables” for battle by clicking on the “Reserve” button in the Headquarters. In the same window, you can buy the right amount of combat reserves.
▫ “Reserve” button appears in the Headquarters upon reaching the 1st level of the account.

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