“Porubschik-2” as the killer satellites

“Porobic-2” as the killer satellites. Information service RIA Novosti with reference to a source in the defense industry reports on the latest development of the Russian aviation character. The material of the news Agency States that it is about the aircraft-Director of interference, which is designed to change the Il-22PP “Porubschik”.

Syrian troops will stop at nothing. except Moscow

Syrian troops will stop at nothing. except Moscow. Jordanian foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that tomorrow he will go to Moscow, where he will talk with Russian colleagues about the current situation in the South-West of Syria. Now the Syrian troops are conducting a large-scale offensive there, the purpose of which is to regain control


Warface. #ГЕРОИWARFACE: TELČ. We are launching a project #ГероиWarface! The videos in this series will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with some of the main stars of eSports Warface. Each of our heroes has passed a long way of formation and none of them intend to stay.


Warface. #ГЕРОИWARFACE: SECOND EDITION. You have already evaluated the second edition of videozilla #ГероиWarface? If not, look rather! You will find the story of the most famous of kibersportsmeny Warface — Mary “Lockery” Khokhlova, the sniper team CrowCrowd and multiple finalists Warface Open Cup. Don’t forget to like!